Hi Everyone! Thanks for checking out the site. I am now working at Brilliance Tattoo, which is located at 957 Commonwealth Ave in Boston, MA. As of right now I will be in the shop by appointment only, so EMAIL is the best way to get in touch with me about scheduling a consultation or appointment. Please read the Frequently Asked Questions before emailing and also include your tattoo idea, size, placement, reference pictures, and what days (Wed-Fri) work best for you so I can schedule you more efficiently. You can learn more about the new shop at Brilliancetattoo.com

A GENERAL NOTE ON NEW TATTOO PROJECTS: Due to the overwhelming time demand for new drawings, I’m now only taking on limited new tattoo projects that are in line with my artistic style… what this means is you need to first email me your idea to be approved before I can schedule a consultation with you… unfortunately I am too backed up with work to take on everyone that emails me anymore, but if I’m unable to help you I will direct you to one of my coworkers who I think is best for the job. You can read about what this entails in my faq section, and thank you all for the ongoing support that has enabled me to become more focused in my field.